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Payroll Practice and Management

Learn the basics of payroll and prepare to take the Fundamental Payroll Certification exam, developed by the American Payroll Association, the most widely recognized payroll organization in the U.S.

Payroll Practice and Management
$1,795.00 (USD)

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You've got questions.
We're here to help.

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I enjoyed the flexibility to work around my schedule and knowing that the support was available should I need it.
- T.C., Central Oregon Community College

The timeliness of my facilitators responses was excellent! Everything was great.
- J.A., California State University, East Bay

The online course allowed me to complete the course in the convenience of my home. The facilitator and support were both helpful and timely with resolving inquiries and submitting test scores.
- A.R., Cuyahoga Community College

My instructor, Laurie Fagundes is very knowledgeable and has given me great support throughout the entire course. I am very satisfied with the whole thing.
- J.K., California State University, East Bay

Laura Fagundes was always available and was so timely in responding to my questions. I am appreciative of a facilitator that was so professional and helpful in explaining concepts when I needed the assistance.
- P.L., College of DuPage

I enjoyed learning! I was able to apply some of the things I had learned immediately. The course also challenged me to think outside of the box at different times as well.
- J.G., Cal Polytechnic State University

I found all aspects of the course to be enjoyable. I really got a good feel for the material and how it applied to real life. The method in which the portions on state taxation and payroll were delivered was particularly useful as it allowed me to investigate the payroll laws and tax laws for a state of my choosing which I would research throughout the remainder of the course (I chose my state of residence, California for the project).
- J.C., Cal State San Bernardino College of Extended Learning

I liked the fact that the course was self paced. Being a mom of three and a military spouse dealing with a deployment during this course, it really helped working at your own pace.
- A.D., Brunswick Community College

This experience was wonderful in every way; learning, facilitator, and the support that I received. The facilitator always demonstrated expertise and professional experience in the subject. The facilitator's responses to inquiries were timely and appropriate. Administration and support staff at Education To Go were accommodating. Thank you for making possible this online course. I think this online course has everything you need for an efficient and effective learning.
- Y.A., Texas A&M University

You've got questions.
We're here to help.

Our highly knowledgeable Enrollment Specialists will answer any questions you might have about the course and payment options.

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