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Natural Gas Plant Operations

For decades to come, natural gas will be produced and consumed in the United States, creating an ongoing demand for natural gas plant operators. This online course provides the fundamental technical background you need to get started in this field.

$2,595.00 (USD)


Natural gas plant operators monitor and control the systems and equipment that take gas from its natural state and convert it into a usable product. Your job is to ensure that the gas produced is free of impurities. The purified gas is then separated into products such as ethane, propane, butane, and methane. You'll also be responsible for the flow of this processed gas into the pipelines that carry it to the various industries and homes that use it for fuel. In addition, you'll make gas flow changes to the supply system to keep pace with customer demands.

Natural gas plant operators earn above-average wages and enjoy good job security and the potential to advance into supervisory or management positions. This is a user-friendly course, designed for people who have no prior exposure to the technical aspects of hydrocarbons, energy, or industrial processes. No prior science or math education is necessary; the course includes all of the necessary basic science and technology elements.







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