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Certificate in Product Ownership Analysis (CPOA) Prep

The IIBA CPOA Prep course enables professionals to obtain an Agile mindset and learn key business analysis and product ownership principles to help them design and manage successful products, services, and more.

$895.00 (USD)


With organizations transitioning from project-centric models to product-centric views, a Product Ownership Analysis (POA) skillset is the need of the hour for business analysts to deliver successful products with high value. With 35% business analysts globally performing product ownership work and the average annual salary of a certified product owner being $103,709, earning this certificate will be a great value add to one's career as it communicates to employers your competence in driving the creation of high-value products, and enhances your earning potential considerably.

ed2go's IIBA®-CPOA exam prep course gives you the opportunity to learn key concepts, techniques, and processes for creating successful products along with highly focused exam preparation support for the CPOA exam. This certified product owner course provides extensive support through learning resources fully aligned to the Guide to Product Ownership Analysis along with office hours. The course has been designed by experts who have assisted several business analysts/product owners to attain the CPOA certification successfully. The product owner training, learning resources, study plan, exam tips, question banks, and exam simulators are fully aligned to the CPOA exam pattern. Upon completion of this product ownership course, CPOA aspirants you will be prepared to effectively identify areas of weakness and face the CPOA certification examination confidently.







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